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Carlton Bank

At the most northern point of the North York Moors, the pennine way leads all the walks to the satisfying challenge of climbing Carlton Bank, a peak with views as far as Roseberry Topping.

The small parish of Carlton lies between the townships of Busby on the east and Faceby on the west, and is closely associated with them in its history. The total area is only 1,359 acres. Of these 558 are under cultivation, (fn. 1) and wheat, beans, and oats are grown. At the present day the industry of the parish is purely agricultural. A local historian records that in 1808 a few persons were employed in the manufacture of linen. (fn. 2)

The parish lies on the northern slopes of the Cleveland hills, and Carlton Bank in the southern part of it is a steep descent from a high projecting rock. Here there are old alum works, disused before the beginning of the 19th century. (fn. 3) Alum House Lane leads down from the top of the hill, which is known as Carlton Moor, to the village. The houses are built irregularly along a single street, which has a north-westerly direction. It slopes gradually to the north, and a small mountain stream flows through it to join the Leven.

A view around Carlton Bank